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draw you a QUALITY childrens IllustrationChoices Activity: Role-play  https://sites.google.com/site/valueslessons  


 Read each scenario to the class and ask students (in pairs) to act each one out.

1. Tom climbed over a fence on his way home from school and ripped his school pants. He knew his mother would be mad because she'd told him not to climb fences in his school clothes. What should Tom do when he gets home? (Actors: Tom and his mother)

2. Amy’s mother gave her two pieces of cake, one for her and one for her sister. While her sister was in the bathroom, Amy ate both pieces. What should she do now? (Actors: Amy and her mother/sister)

3. Tom went to his friend’s house to play, but his friend wasn't home. As Tom was leaving, he saw one of his friend’s toys in the yard. Tom took the toy home and played with it. What should he do? (Actors: Tom and friend)

4. Amy found a purse on her way to school. A girl asked if she had seen the purse, but Amy said, “No.” As the girl walks away, Amy feels guilty. What should she choose to do next? (Actors: Amy and girl)

5. Tom was playing in the backyard with his brother. His brother threw a ball that accidentally hit Tom in the face. Tom hit his brother and made him cry. Now Tom feels bad. What should he do to make things right? (Actors: Tom and brother)