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Clapping Rhyme

Choices Clapping Rhyme    

© Jenny Jenkins 2015        https://sites.google.com/site/valueslessons  

Have someone ready to help you demonstrate it to the children first.
Each clapping rhyme on this website uses the same set of easily learned actions.

1. Teach the actions 

First say this together: 'Sides, clap, right, left, sides, clap, both.' 
Next, the children sit or stand in pairs, facing each other and do the actions while saying those words together. Repeat them until everyone has learned them.

Sides They slap both hands on their thighs
Clap own hands together once,
Right, Left Slap their partners right hand, then left hand for the third and fourth words.
Sides Slap thighs again,
Clap own hands together,
Both hands slap their partner's, for the last word of each line.

2. Now teach the poem (without actions)

Ask questions about the meaning of the poem, line by line:

Some kids have a happy life,

Other's days are full of strife.
Each day choose to do what's right
Then your future will be bright!

Next, say it through together at least 6 times, keeping a strong rhythm for each syllable, until the children can say it without the words.

3. Put the actions to the rhyme  (one set of actions fits each line.)

Some kids have a  hap/py life, 

Sides      clap     right     left  sides/clap both

Oth/er's days are full  of  strife.

Sides/clap  right   left  sides clap  both

Each day choose to do what's right

Sides    clap      right      left   sides   clap    both

Then your fut/ure will be bright!

Sides      clap  right/left  sides  clap   both


Demonstrate first with the partner you have practised with.
Have the children sit or stand sideways to the words so that they can refer to them if they forget.
Students have 3-5 minutes to practise together, memorising the poem.
Volunteers demonstrate to the class, without looking at the words, for a small prize.

Choose with Care Clapping Rhyme: Print out for students to memorise.


Some kids have a

 happy life,


Other's days are

 full of strife.


Each day choose to

do what's right


Then your future

will be bright!

© Jenny Jenkins 2015    https://sites.google.com/site/valueslessons