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Choices Game: Popcorn Trails        https://sites.google.com/site/valueslessons  

Make three popcorn trails, two at the beginning and one branching off to make a third with a prize at the end. A popcorn trail is like a paper trail but dropping popcorn every 5 to 10 steps to make a trail. Only one trail leads to a prize. They could be inside or outside. Make the wrong trails end in a toilet, a dead end or rubbish bin if you can.Image result for kids running along a trail

Discussion Questions

1. Did anyone want to go on the right trail but their friends talked them out of it? Do you sometimes want to do the right thing but a friend talks you out of it? What should you do when that happens? (Discuss what it means to stand alone.)

2. When you got to a wrong end, did you wish you'd made a better choice back at the start?  So what did you have to do then? (Go back to the beginning, or where you went wrong.) When you make a choice in life and end up somewhere you don't really think you should be, what should you do?

3. Next time you have a choice to make, what should you ask yourself(Where could this end up? Is this the right thing to do? )

Image source:  http://www.popcorndiary.com/GraphicFiles/popped_kernel_ratings/popped_3.jpg