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Choices Movie 1: Donald's Better Self     (5-12 year olds, 8 minutes)     https://sites.google.com/site/valueslessons 

A classic 'angel vs. devil' tug of war starring schoolboy Donald.

Who has seen a cartoon where someone is trying to choose what to do and a little devil pops up on his shoulder and tempts him to be bad? Next an angel pops up on the other shoulder and encourages him to make the right choice. 
Although they are funny, these stories are examples of the tug of war that goes on when we have to make a difficult choice.
Watch this movie clip, 'Donald's Better Self' and see who wins with Donald.

Watch the Movie https://youtu.be/2G5xig_B2ww   (7 minutes)

Discussion Questions
1. Why did Donald keep smoking when it made him feel sick?
2. What can we learn from this story? (Don't let peer pressure tempt you to do something you know is wrong.)
3. Who has the loudest voice in someone's mind when they are trying to choose whether or not to do the right thing? (Whoever they usually obey.)

Choices Movie 2: Auto B Good, 'The Integrity Project'  (6-10 year old's. 14 minutes)  
An entertaining movie about choosing not to cheat.

Have you ever had a chance to cheat? It can be pretty tempting. Let's see what happens to the Professor when he has to choose whether to cheat or fail his assignment.

Discussion Questions 
1. What does integrity mean? (Being honesty and trustworthy, making the right choice.)
2. Why did the others all cheat?
3. Why didn't the professor cheat? How would he have felt if he had?
4. Would his friends have trusted and respected him more or less because he refused to cheat?

Choices Movie 3: The Genie - 3 Choices (Teens. 3-6 minutes)
An unusual genie helps a young lady to realise that all her wishes can come true simply by making good choices..
Has anyone ever wished that a genie would appear and grant them 3 wishes? Watch and learn.
Explore each of the different options offered. (You can skip the time machine on if you don't have time) The movie ends after the last choice is explored by you.

Discussion Question
What was the lesson that the genie was trying to get through to the girl? (You make your wishes come true by setting goals and making them happen with wise choices.)