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Puppet Play

Choices Puppet Play
© Jenny Jenkins 2015       https://sites.google.com/site/valueslessons

Each puppet play on this website uses the same 3 puppets. 
Use 'Muppet' TM type puppets with mouths you can open from inside, 1 larger headed mother, and 2 boys, one good and one naughty. Rename them, perhaps for their colour. 
Or make Sock Puppets See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-mfUBQE3_s or Paper-bag Puppets -See: https://youtu.be/R-NmTMum-6I 
For a simple Puppet theatre drape a piece of fabric or a sheet over a tight piece of string between 2 chairs or in an open doorway, or duck down behind a long sofa or couch.

(Blue, Yellow and Mum pop up.)

Yellow  Blue, can you lend me a dollar please?

Blue  Nah. I’m broke.

Mum  I can, Yellow.

Yellow  Thanks, Mum. I’ll pay you back on Saturday.

Mum  You’re welcome.

Yellow  Can I borrow your bike, Blue? Mine has a flat tyre.

Blue   Nah.

Mum   Blue, remember the golden rule?

Blue   Nah.

Mum   Treat others the way you’d like them to treat you. It’s an old proverb.

Blue   I don’t want to lend Yellow’s bike. Anyway it’s got a flat tyre.

Mum   That’s not what it means. You’d like it if Yellow loaned you his bike.

Blue  Not with a flat tyre.

Yellow  Forget it. I’ll just fix the puncture.

Mum  But you’ll be late for the movie.

Yellow  I’ll work fast.

Blue  Movie! What movie?

Yellow The new Batman one.

Blue  Cool! Can I go?

Mum  How? You told Yellow you had no money.

Yellow  Yeah!

Blue  I just remembered where I put my wallet.

Yellow  Yeah, right. I’d better fix that puncture. (disappears)

Mum  Blue! You could have loaned your brother a dollar. Remember the golden rule?

Blue  Treat others how they treat you?

Mum  Do you really want us to treat you how you treat us?

Blue  Of course….not! Can I go see Batman? Pleeeeease?

Mum  Sure. If you bike fast you’ll make it in time.

Blue   Yay! See ya later alligator! (Both disappear. Pause)

(Mum and Yellow pop up)

Yellow  I've fixed the puncture, Mum.

Mum  That was quick, Yellow. Better get biking. You’ll miss the ads but you should make it in time for the start.

Yellow  Yeah! Bye, Mum. (disappears)

Mum  Bye son.

(Blue pops up)

Mum  Blue, you’d better hurry. You’ll miss the start! I thought you’d gone.

Blue  I did. I got half way down the road and ran over a broken Coke bottle. I got a flat tyre.

Mum.  Oh no!  Some-one must have dropped it and not bothered to stop and pick up the broken glass.

Blue   Yeah, they did.

Mum.  That reminds me. What happened to the bottle of Coke you took to school today? I’d like to recycle the empty bottle.

Blue  Ummm. I lost it.

Mum  Blue! You broke it!  Did you stop and pick it up?

Blue  Ummm… I was in a hurry.

Mum  Why?

Blue  To escape from school.

Mum  Blue!  It serves you right that you that ran over it! I guess you just learned another proverb.

Blue   I don’t need to know.

Mum  Close.  You reap what you sow!  (All disappear) 

Discussion Questions

1. What character qualities did:
Yellow show? (Perseverence, hard worker.)
Mum show? (Generous, encourager.)
Blue? (None)

2. Who can tell me one of Mum’s proverbs, and what it means?
(Treat others the way you’d like them to treat you, You reap what you sow)

3. What does it mean to reap what you sow?
Talk about sowing lettuce seeds and reaping pumpkins. Does it ever happen? You sow lettuces, you reap… (lettuces)
You sow being helpful, you reap others…
You sow being kind, you reap others…
You sow being generous, you reap…

4. How did Blue reap what he sowed?