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Kindness Game: Angels and Mortals     © Jenny Jenkins 2015      https://sites.google.com/site/valueslessons

Have each student write their name on a card and put them all into a hat (container).

Each student (angel) draws out another's name and keep the name secret. That student is their 'mortal', to practice kindness on for a week. 
Over the next week, they are to see how many small kind things they can do (or say) for their 'mortal.' Aim for at least one each day. 
They are to do them secretly but be prepared to report back on their assignment at the end of the week. (Older students may keep a log.)
Discuss ideas on what kinds of things angels could do for their mortals.

At the end of each day, have the students tell of acts of kindness done for them by others in the class, or that they had noticed another student doing. 
They are not to share their own kind deeds until the end of the week.

Discussion Questions  (for Follow-up Lesson at the end of a week) 
1. Who would like to share one of the kind things that they did for their mortal?
2. Did anyone find it hard? Why?
3. Did playing this game help you to become kinder? How?
4. Do you think our classroom became a nicer place to be in because we played this game? Why?
5. How did it make you feel doing something kind for your mortal? Why?
6. Did anyone feel you liked your mortal more by the end than you did at the start? Why?
7. Would anyone like to continue doing kind things for people as you see opportunities. Why?
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