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Kindness Movie 1: Amazing Life           https://sites.google.com/site/valueslessons
A kind shop keeper gives a poor boy medicine and soup for his sick mother. 30 years later the boy returns the favour when most needed.

What does 'One good turn deserves another' mean? Let's see what happens to the kind Thai man in this movie.

Watch the movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XADBJjiAO_0    (3 minutes)

Discussion Questions 
1. Was the boy the only person the shopkeeper gave to? 
2. Was he richer or poorer because he helped needy people? Why?
3. What is another saying that sums this movie up? (What goes around comes around; you reap what you sow; the law of Karma; give and it will be given to you )

Kindness Movie 2: Random Acts of Kindness
A girl does 20 random acts of kindness to celebrate her 20th birthday.

'What are some random acts of kindness you could do for strangers?' (Make a list of 12 to 20 ideas.)
'This is a movie about a girl who decided to do 20 acts of kindness to strangers to celebrate her 20th birthday.' 
Watch the movie:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFTBBKIX760    (3 minutes)
Discussion Question  
'Did she do any of the ideas we thought of?' 
(Tick any that appear on the video. Add any of her ideas that appeal as things your students could do.)

Choose one idea to do this week. You may video it. Report back at our next lesson on what you did, and how it made you feel.

Optional: Make a class video of the students experiences.

Kindness Movie 3: Soul Pancake, Forgive and Forget   (Teens. 8 minutes)
Julian sets up opportunities for 5 teens to do kind things for others for a whole day, as an experiment to see if their level of personal happiness increases.

'Would you like to be happier? Watch this experiment and you'll learn how.'

Watch the movie:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4ALRY5LyBM  (8 minutes)
Challenge (Individually or in pairs)
Do 5 kind things for others each day for a week. Start small, and works towards encouraging someone who you know really needs it.
Report back at our next lesson on what you did, and how it made you feel.

Narayanan Krishnan: To Give, the ultimate purpose of life. | Go.AsiaKindness Movie 4: A Companion to the Forgotten
A wealthy Indian gives up his job to feed the hungry and homeless.

Who has seen a hungry street person? Did you help them? Let's see what the kind Indian man in this movie does when he saw a starving man.

Watch the movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uH_eqDwTDRY   (3 minutes)

Discussion Questions 
1. What motivated Narayanan Krishnan to start feeding the poor?
2. What kind of people does he help?
3. What other ways does he help needy people besides feeding them?
4. Was he richer or poorer because he helped destitute people? Why?
5. Why do other members of his society criticise what he is doing?

Kindness Movie 5: Have You Done Something Kind Today? (Ages 5-12yrs. 3 minutes)
Short clips of people being kind to strangers.
'Have you ever had a stranger stop and show you kindness? Watch these video clips and then decide which person deserves the biggest medal.'
Discussion Question  
1. Which person deserved the biggest medal? Why
2. Why do people help strangers? 
3. Who can share a story of being helped by a stranger?
4. Has anyone got a story about how they helped a stranger who needed help? How did it make you feel?