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Object Lesson

Kindness Object Lesson: A Broken Heart            https://sites.google.com/site/valueslessons

This story helps students to understand why it’s important to be kind to their classmates. 

Preparation Cut a large heart out of red paper and hold it in your lap as you begin to tell the story: 

This is a story about a boy named Josh. He always came to school with a smile on his face and a big heart full of kindness for his classmates. (Hold up the big heart.) 
Josh listened to his teacher, did his best work, and helped his friends. However, some of his friends weren’t always kind back to him.
Oliver made fun of his shoes and broke a little of his heart. (Tear off a small piece of the heart and let it drop to the floor.) 
Sophie said, “I’m saving this seat and you can’t sit here” at story time and broke a little more of his heart. 
Sam wouldn’t share his rubber. (Tear off a little of the heart)
Chloe called him a mean name. (Tear off a little more)
What are some other things that might break his heart? (Let the students name other things that cause hurt feelings as you let the pieces fall to the floor.)
By the end of the day his heart was all in pieces and he was so sad.
Who can tell me how to put Josh's heart back together? What are some kind things you can do for your friends?
As students name different acts of kindness get them to pick the pieces of the heart off the floor and fit them back together.
Glue the pieces together on a poster as a reminder to have a kind heart.
Pin it on the wall and encourage students to write other students names on the poster if they do something kind and helpful for them!

(Ref: Dr Jean and Friends) http://drjeanandfriends.blogspot.co.nz/2011/08/kind-hearts.html  Image source:  http://a.rgbimg.com/cache1nASMn/users/l/lu/lusi/300/mgyTxMs.jpg