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Puppet Play

Kindness Puppet Play    © Jenny Jenkins 2015      https://sites.google.com/site/valueslessons

Each puppet play on this website uses the same 3 puppets. 
Use 'Muppet' TM type puppets with mouths you can open from inside, 1 larger headed mother, and 2 boys, one good and one naughty. Rename them, perhaps for their colour. 
Or make Sock Puppets See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-mfUBQE3_s or Paper-bag Puppets -See: https://youtu.be/R-NmTMum-6I 
For a simple Puppet theatre drape a piece of fabric or a sheet over a tight piece of string between 2 chairs or in an open doorway, or duck down behind a long sofa or couch.

(Blue, Yellow and Mum pop up.)

Blue (sings) 1,2,3, I love me, You’re a monkey up a tree.  (For tune see:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uq734_nZ7Eo)

Mum  Blue! Where’d you learn that song?

Blue  Sesame Street.

Mum  You changed the words.

Blue  Better than the soppy lovie-dovie one

Mum  Love doesn’t have to be soppy. It just means being kind to others.

Yellow  Yeah, like the good Samaritan.

Blue  The good summer tan? I’m gonna get a good tan this summer.

Yellow  No, the good Samaritan is the dude who helped his enemy when he got robbed and beaten.

Blue  Cool! I’m gonna beat my enemies too.

Mum  He didn’t do the beating. He did the helping.

Blue  Why would you help an enemy?

Mum  Because it's kind to.

Yellow  Yeah. Love your neighbour as yourself.

Blue  I don’t love myself.

Mum  So why would you want to get a good tan?

Blue  Um…

Yellow  And why do you spend so long in front of the mirror?

Blue  Hanging out with the coolest dude around!

Yellow  See, you do love yourself!

Blue  Shuddup. Well I sure don’t love my neighbour. She’s ugly.

Mum  Neighbour means anyone who's nearby. Even strangers.

Blue  So, you want me to go up to strange girls and kiss them? Yuk!

Mum  No, be kind to them. Help them if they need it.

Yellow  Yeah, or carry old people's shopping.

Blue  They’d think I was gonna steal it!

Mum  Hold the door open for ladies with babies.

Yellow  Or help a lost toddler to find its Mum.

Blue  That happened to me when I was little. I got lost in Kmart. It was scary.

Mum  I remember.

Yellow  I don’t. What happened?

Blue  A boy took me to the office and they called for Mum on the loudspeaker.

Yellow  I bet they didn't need to use the loudspeaker. You would have been screaming loud enough to be heard all over the store.

Blue  I was. Till the boy gave me a lolly.

Mum  He was kind.

Blue  Yeah. I wanna be like that.

Mum  That’s how you do it, Blue!

Blue  Do what?

Mum and Yellow  Love your neighbour!

Blue  Yuk! I don’t love my neighbour! She’s ugly.

Yellow  Oh brother! (All disappear) 

Discussion Questions

1. What does 'loving your neighbour' mean ?

2. Did Blue love himself? How did he show it?

3. Why did Blue want to be kind?