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Forgive Fast Activity: Role-play              https://sites.google.com/site/valueslessons 

In pairs, the students act out the following role-play script. (Or choose two confident students to act it out for the class.) 

A: Oh no! I forgot my homework! 
B: If you had another brain, it would be lonely! (laughs) 
A: (pause) I felt ..................... when you said that. Did you mean it to hurt me? 
B: Oh, sorry. No, course not. I was just ........................... 
A: That's okay. Do you like my new hoodie? My Dad bought it for me. 
B: Lucky! My Dad never buys me anything. 
A. That's 'cos he wastes all his money on booze! 
B: Do you realise what you just said? Are you still annoyed at me? 
A: Oops, sorry. It did sound ................ . 
B: Forgiven. We both know it's true, but it still hurt. 
A: It was a thoughtless thing to say. Do you want to hang out this Saturday? 
B: Sure. I'd like that. 

Write the answers to these questions:
1. What is something positive about what happened to your character in the role play?
2. What good things can you see in the person who offended you? 
3. How could you be extra nice to them on Saturday when you hang out? 
4. Write down their offence on paper, read it, say 'I forgive...... for hurting me by .................'. Rip the paper in half and bin it. 
5.  If you handle offences correctly, they can make your friendship grow stronger. Why? (You learn to trust each other more with your feelings.) 

Craft Activity 'Forgiving Hearts'          

Teach the students how to make woven paper 'Forgiving Hearts'.
Tutorial link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUAnDrzwnpk 

Think of someone you need to say sorry to. Maybe someone you've teased or been mean to, or someone you have lied to, disobeyed, or stolen from. 
Say sorry and ask them to forgive you. You'll feel good after you've been forgiven. It makes you feel happier.
Then give the forgiving heart to them. (You could provide some popcorn or a sweet to go in it.)