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Forgive Fast Game: Stealing the Keys                   https://sites.google.com/site/valueslessons 

Equipment: blindfold for eyes, set of keys, chair. 
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How to Play
A blindfolded student sits up the front, facing the seated class, with the keys under their chair.
Choose (point) a child to be the thief. They creep up quietly and try to get the keys without being heard.
The student on the chair points at them when they hear a noise. (They get 3 tries)
If they point directly at the thief, the teacher says 'Yes.' 

The blindfolded student says ‘You’re stealing my keys.’ 
The thief says, ‘I’m sorry. Will you forgive me.’
The blindfolded student says ‘I forgive you, Sam' (guessing their name.)

If they get the name wrong the thief takes their place. 
If they get it right, the thief sits back down and another thief is chosen. 
If they use their 3 tries up, the thief takes their place also. The thief may change the sound of their voice if they wish.