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Forgiveness Movie 1: Soul Pancake, Forgive and Forget  (10 to 15 yrs. 7 mins.)       https://sites.google.com/site/valueslessons  Image result for julian soul pancake
Julian explains the science behind why forgiveness benefits our bodies. Then follows an enlightening experiment involving 6 people to demonstrate how forgiving makes you happier.

Does forgiving someone really make you feel happier with your life? Watch this experiment and see.

Discussion Questions
1. Why did Julian begin by asking them to write down their grievance? How did that help?
2. Why did Julian sit the subjects in front of a mirror? How do you think it helped?
3. Why did the subjects all feel happier after telling their grudge out loud?

Forgiveness Movie 2: Known as the Girl that was Kidnapped  (13+ yrs. 4 mins.)       https://sites.google.com/site/valueslessons  
Elizabeth explains how forgiveness stopped her kidnapper from stealing any more happiness from her.Elizabeth Smart will star in true-crime TV specials on Lifetime - The Salt  Lake Tribune
If you were kidnapped and abused for 7 months, what reason would you have to forgive?

Discussion Questions
1. Why did Elizabeth's mother encourage her to forgive her kidnapper? How did that help?
2. Who would have found it the hardest to forgive the kidnapper? Elizabeth or her parents? Why?
3. What is the message Elizabeth gives at the end of this talk?