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Object Lesson

Forgive Fast Object Lesson: 5 Cans               https://sites.google.com/site/valueslessons 

Equipment: a bag and 5 cans (or rocks). 

Discuss how we often become angry or want revenge when people hurt us.
Put a can in the bag as you say: 

1. I got angry when my brother called me 'stupid',
2. I got angry when my sister stole my lollipop,
3. I got angry when my friend tripped me up,
4. I got angry when my mum yelled at me,
5. I got angry when my teacher embarrassed me.

When the bag has 5 cans in it, let a pupil try holding it in their hand.
Ask them to give a wide wave to someone, shake hands with it in their hand, then give someone a hug while carrying the bag.

Explain: 'Being angry at others for the unkind things that they have done is like carrying a bag of cans everywhere we go. It's a heavy burden for us. It makes it hard for us to be friendly and kind to others. 
What we should do when other's make us angry?' (Forgive them.)

Say together, 'I forgive my...' (see below) as you take the cans out of the bag one by one.
Pause after saying 'I forgive my (brother, sister etc.) for...' giving them time to remember what each one did wrong.

1. I forgive my brother for... calling me 'stupid',
2. I forgive my sister for... stealing my lollipop,
3. I forgive my friend for... tripping me up,
4. I forgive my mum for... yelling at me,
5. I forgive my teacher for... embarrassing me.

Have the child carry the empty bag and wave, shake hands, then give someone a hug.
Explain: 'When we forgive others, we no longer have to carry a heavy burden inside us. We feel much lighter and happier when we forgive, and it's easier to be nice to others.' Finish by saying, 'So the next time someone does or says something that hurts you...(point at the slogan) Forgive Fast!'