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Forgive Fast Quiz                    https://sites.google.com/site/valueslessons Image result for cartoon boy on swing

1. In the playground, Oliver ran up to Jack, pushed him over, then ran away laughing. Later, Oliver fell off the swing and hurt his knee. Jack ran over and helped him up. 
How did Jack show forgiveness?
How do you think Jack felt afterwards?
Do you think Oliver bullied Jack again after that? 

2. Grace had just finished drawing a beautiful picture when her little brother, Lucas, came and scribbled all over it with a crayon. Grace was so upset. She yelled and slapped his hand.
How do you think Grace felt after?  
Did Grace show forgiveness?  
What could Grace have done instead?

3. When Sam was waiting to get a drink of water from the fountain, the boy in front of him turned and squirted water at him. Sam’s face got soaked, but he just turned and walked away without saying a word. The next day Sam is getting a drink when the same boy walks by. Sam is tempted to squirt him.
What should Sam do? Why?
How do you think he would feel afterwards if he forgave him? Would it make him a better person?
How would he feel afterwards if he squirted him? Would it make him a better person?red lipstick" Royalty-Free Vectors - Storyblocks

 Amelia bought a new lipstick and left it on her dresser. While she was at school, her younger sister Kate found it. While trying to put it on her lips, Kate snapped it. When Amelia arrived home and saw it, she felt gutted. She found Kate hiding behind the sofa. 
What should she say?
What should she do?