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Give Generously Lesson    © Jenny Jenkins 2015    www.valueslessonsnz.com

Have the slogan 'Give Generously' displayed in a prominent place. 
Other lesson ideas about generosity are listed as subpages at the side or bottom.

Two bags of lollies (sweets/candy) opened and holding enough for the whole class.

Tell the class you have two spot prizes to give away. Appear to be thinking, then ask the pupils, 'Is anyone the only child in their family?' Ask that student to come up to the front of the class. If there is more than one, choose the one who appears to be the most secure and confident.
Ask the pupils, 'Who comes from the largest family?' If there is more than one with the same number of siblings, again choose the one who appears to be the most secure and confident. Ask that student to also come up to the front of the class. 
Give both of these pupils a packet of lollies, and make sure that they are open at the top when given. Tell them that they may eat them during class, and they're welcome to share them if they wish. Observe to see if either pupil shares with those sitting near them.

In this lesson we are learning how to give generously. (Point to the slogan)
Why do some kids have a lot of nice stuff? (Wealthy parents)
Why are others often hungry and only have a few clothes and toys? (Poor parents)
Is it the kid's fault? (No) Is it the parents fault? (Sometimes but often not.) Why?
Is it fair that some kids have so much while others have so little? Why not?
What could we do about it?

Role Model: Bill GatesImage result for bill gates
What is a philanthropist? (A person who seeks to promote the welfare of others, especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.)
Who is the richest person in the world? (Bill Gates) He founded Microsoft. He's been steadily selling his shares in his software company for the last 15 years, and he uses that money to help poor people all over the world. 
Not long ago he quit working for Microsoft so that he could spend all his time giving to the needy.
Altogether he has given away over $30 billion dollars; to fight malaria, polio and other diseases in poor countries and to help feed hungry children through donations to UNICEF. He has given away over 1/3 of all his wealth, and helped save the lives of thousands of people. Who would like to be like him? Why?
Why do you think Bill Gates gives so much? This is what he says: 'I've been very lucky, and therefore I owe it to try and reduce the inequity in the world.' What do you think inequity means? 
Milkshakes | Quality Chewy Candy from Crazy Candies
Object Lesson: Who got all the Lollies?
There were 2 lucky students in our class today. Who were they? What were they given? (lollies) Did they do anything to earn or deserve them?
They were given (?) lollies each. That's enough for everyone in the class to get one each. (Ask them) How many have you eaten yourself? How many have you given away? How many are left?
If one student gave more than the other, say, '(Child's name) was a generous giver. (Ask the student) Why did you share? How did it make you feel? Why?
Who didn't get a lolly at all? Was it your fault? Did you do anything bad to deserve missing out on a lolly? If you were given a whole bag of lollies, what would you have done with them? Why? 

(Ask the class) How do you become a generous giver? (By giving often)
Besides money, what are some things we can give to help others? (Time, work, flowers, encouraging texts or letters, food, clothes, toys, talents and abilities etc.)
Can anyone think of a way that we could practise being generous? (Give to needy kids)
What could we bring to give? (Write down a list of things that the students could give to less fortunate children.)
Who could we give them to, that would really appreciate them?
If you are studying generosity in September or October consider giving shoe-boxes of gifts to needy kids in the third world: see the Activity https://sites.google.com/site/valueslessons/home/give-generously/activities

This Week's Challenge 
Choose a toy or game that you have grown out of and give it to a younger kid whom you think would really appreciate it. Also try to give or share at every opportunity. Report back on how it made you feel.

Begin the Next Lesson with Revision
1. Who would like to tell of something they gave away this week and how it worked out. How did it make you feel?
2. What is a philanthropist? Why do people like to give so much?
3. Why is sharing better than being selfish?

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