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Puppet Play

Give Generously Puppet Play  © Jenny Jenkins 2015    https://sites.google.com/site/valueslessons

Each puppet play on this website uses the same 3 puppets. This play just uses Blue and Yellow. 
Use 'Muppet' TM type puppets with mouths you can open from inside, 1 larger headed mother, and 2 boys, one good and one naughty. Rename them, perhaps for their colour. 
Or make Sock Puppets See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-mfUBQE3_s or Paper-bag Puppets -See: https://youtu.be/R-NmTMum-6I 
For a simple Puppet theatre drape a piece of fabric or a sheet over a tight piece of string between 2 chairs or in an open doorway, or duck down behind a long sofa or couch.

(Blue and Yellow pop up.)

Blue  Turn the TV down! I'm trying to concentrate.

Yellow  Whatcha doing?

Blue  Writing.

Yellow  Pardon?

Blue   I can write. I just never needed to before, that's all.

Yellow  What are you writing?

Blue  A list.

Yellow  I know! You're writing a list of the presents you want for your birthday!

Blue  Maybe.

Yellow  Now it makes sense. How many things are on it?

Blue  Fifty-twelve.

Yellow  You mean sixty-two? You'll need a truck to carry them all.

Blue  Yup, that's on the list.

Yellow  I gave you a watch last year. Do you remember what you gave me for my birthday?

Blue  Ummm. Nope.

Yellow   Nothing at all.

Blue   That's 'cos I was broke.

Yellow  Then how come you went shopping the day before, to buy me a present, and came back with a big bar of chocolate?

Blue   See, I got you a cool present!

Yellow  It was half eaten!

Blue   I gave you a piece...

Yellow   So, who did you buy it for?

Blue  Umm...

Yellow  Yes Blue?

Blue  Us?

Yellow  For who?

Blue  Well, maybe for your birthday present. But I knew it wouldn't be good for you to eat, all by yourself. It would've made you sick. It made me sick.

Yellow  I would've shared it.

Blue  I never thought of that. Anyway, I shared it!

Yellow You gave me just one piece! And that was only because you dropped it and couldn't be bothered picking it up.

Blue  I forgot about that. Ummm, so aren't you gonna buy me a present?

Yellow  Sure I will. I'll give you the same as you gave me, seeing as you thought it was such a cool present.

Blue  One piece of chocolate! Just one itty bitty piece of chocolate! That's cruel. I can never just eat one piece of chocolate!

Yellow  I figured that on my birthday! Anyway, who said you'll get one piece?

Blue  You mean you'll give me a whole block?

Yellow  No. I mean, wait and see if I drop any.

Blue  Oh boy! (They disappear)

Discussion Questions

1. Why do you think that Yellow is treating Blue the same way that Blue treated him? (To get Blue to put himself in someone else's shoes.)
2. Do you think that Yellow will give Blue chocolate for his birthday? How much? (Yes. Probably a whole block.)
3. If Yellow gave Blue a whole block of chocolate, do you think that Blue would share it this time? Why? (Hopefully yes! Because he would be grateful that he was treated better than he deserved. Also because a whole block would make him sick again.)
4. When Blue bought the chocolate, do you think he meant to eat it himself? Why did he? (No. He told himself it would make Yellow sick to eat the whole block. He probably just had one piece to try it and then couldn't stop. He couldn't say no to temptation.)
5. What should Blue have done instead? (Not opened it. Perhaps given it to his Mum to look after until Yellow's birthday. Or bought a present that he couldn't eat.)