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Playing Rob the Nest at Friday sportHonesty Game: Rob the Nest               https://sites.google.com/site/valueslessons

3 to 6 hula hoops (to be nests), 7 to 10 balls (to be eggs). You could use players hats, boxes, ice-cream containers or buckets to be nests instead, or even a chalked circle, and rocks as eggs. For a novelty game on grass, use real eggs!

Number of players 
3 to 32. Divide larger groups into 3 to 5 teams and give each player a turn. With larger groups, you may play two from each team together, or play the game as a relay.

How to Play
After the first player places an egg in the nest, he tags the hand of next team member waiting, who takes his turn. The first runner sits at the back of the line. Balls may not be passed or thrown. The team yells 'Stop!' when 3 eggs are in their nest. They score ten points and the next round starts.

To Begin
Place all the eggs in the middle of your play area. The nests are arranged in a circle or square, with the same distance to the middle. 
The players sit in a line, back a little from their nest, while waiting for their turn to be the runner gathering eggs into their nest. 
Explain that the children are foxes, trying to gather enough eggs to feed their 3 hungry cubs.

On “Go!” each runner runs to the eggs in the middle, takes one only, runs back and places it in their nest. They are not to throw or drop it in, or the teacher can declare it 'broken' and take off points. 
Then they tag the next runner, who goes to collect another egg. 
Once there are no eggs remaining in the middle, they can rob another nest. The nest must not be guarded. This is a non-contact game.

The winning team of each round is the first to get 3 eggs in their own nest.

The diagram below shows the game. The circles should be further away from the centre than shown.

Related image

Image:https://manlyvill-p.schools.nsw.gov.au/extra-curricular-/sport.html ; :https://netsetgo.asn.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/02-Set-Session-Plans-2017.pdf

Discussion Questions

1. How did it feel when the egg you'd tried so hard to get into your nest got stolen?
2. Did it seem fair?
3. What does it feel like when something you own and value gets stolen from you?
4. What would our lives be like if everyone stole from each other?