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Honesty Movie 1: Honesty for Kids (5 to 8 year old's. 2 minutes)

This video clip will help the children discern when being honest can be unkind.Jessica Diaz | Resources for Teaching Kids (learningwithjessicadiaz) -  Profile | Pinterest

Which superhero is the most honest?

Discussion Questions
1. Jessica says that to be honest you must be truthful and sincere. What does it mean to be sincere?
2. When can it be scary to tell the truth? 
3. What's worse, getting in trouble or telling a lie? Why?

Honesty Movie 2: Marco Polo (6 to 12 year old's. 3 minutes)

This video clip will help the children understand the importance of not becoming trapped by dishonesty.Movies - Values Lessons

Marco Polo tells his friends about his exciting adventures in China.

Watch the Movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsQ7sBPbWcQ&feature

Discussion Questions

1. What did Marco tell the men who wanted him to kill the Khan or King? ('I'd rather die with honour than live with shame.') 
2. What does it mean to be a person of honour? (One who always chooses to do the right thing; truthful, keeps their promises, never cheats or steals, trustworthy.)
3. If the men were speaking the truth to Marco, about how he was risking his life every day and only being paid a tenth of what he was worth, should he have joined them in killing the king? (No. It's better to be cheated than to become a murderer.)
4. If Marco had been angry with the king for not allowing him to go home, what decision might he have been tempted to make? (To lure the Khan to his death.)
5. What did Marco Polo's father teach him? ('My Father always taught me, there is a peace that comes with being honest.') What does this mean?
6. Marco waited patiently for the Khan to change his mind. How was he rewarded? (Allowed to go home safely, with a large treasure.)
7. Why did the Khan pay Marco so much after cheating him for so long by paying him too little for the danger he was in? ('To pay you any less would be dishonest, and he wanted to die in peace.') Who taught him that peace comes from being honest? (Marco)
8. What does this teach us about our choices? (They can change how we feel and influence those around us.) 

Honesty Movie 3: Kids with Character: Honesty  (5 to 10 year old's. 2 minutes)

This video gives kids a great 10 year old real-life role model.

Nasim found a wallet and had a decision to make. What were his options?

Discussion Questions

1. Why did Nasim post the wallet back to its owner?
2. How did he learn to always be honest?
3. How would the owner have felt after losing her wallet?
4. How would she have felt after receiving it?
5. What happened after the owner received the wallet with his letter?
6. What rewards did Nasim receive?

Honesty Movie 4: Tell the Truth (4 to 6 year old's. 4 minutes)

Related imageThis video clip will help the children explore the temptation to lie and understand the importance of telling the truth.

When an accident happens and something gets broken, what's the best thing to do?

Watch the Moviehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5jtjnp8hNo

Discussion Questions

1. Why did the kids try to make up lies to explain the broken glass?
2. Would it have made things easier or harder if they had lied to their dad? Why?
3. Why did they end up telling their dad the truth?