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Object Lessons

Best Ham Sandwich Recipe - How To Make Ham SandwichHonesty Object Lesson 1: The Well Filled Sandwich

Supplies: sandwich bread, butter, mayonnaise, mustard, 3 pieces of lettuce, meat.       https://sites.google.com/site/valueslessons  

'Today we are going to make a sandwich.' Pull out the bread and lay it on the table

While spreading the butter on the bread, tell the students, 
'A sandwich is made up with many different ingredients, much like your lives. The bread is a picture of you, and the fillings are like all the things you need in your lives.' 

While spreading the mayonnaise and mustard on the bread, ask the students, 'Tell me some of the things you must have in your life.'  They may mention some physical needs; food, clothes, homes, friends etc.

While putting 3 pieces of lettuce on the bread, ask if the students, 'Should you have good manners in your life? Should you also have positive attitudes and kind behaviour in your life? (Place one piece of lettuce for each)

Put the bread together and ask the children, 'Is the sandwich finished? No it's not complete without the meat.' Open the sandwich and put the meat on it.

'Just as the sandwich isn't complete without the meat, your life is not complete if you do not have honesty. We need to be honest. Honesty in our lives is like the meat in this sandwich. The next time you think about telling a lie, stealing or cheating, don't ever forget this lesson. For your life to be complete and satisfying, like a well filled sandwich, you'll need to always remember that... (point to the slogan) Honesty Pays!

Ref: http://childrensministryvault.com/ministry-lessons-ideas-training/491/honesty-2/  Image source: http://img.mylot.com/1518797.jpg

Honesty Object Lesson 2: Building a Friendship
Equipment: Ten paper cups to build a pyramid, thick black marker pen. Label six cups: accept, trust, kind, share, listen, encourage. Have the marker ready to label 4 more.     Wine bottles in a group — Stock Photo © Stuartbur #72572467

Explain how you build up a friendship. How it takes things like:
Accepting them the way they are (place a cup labelled 'accept' in position),
Always telling them the truth (place another cup labelled 'trust' in a centre bottom position),
Being kind, (continue placing the pre-labelled cups) Sharing, Listening, Encouraging them.

Take four more ideas from the students, writing their key words on the cups until all the ten cups are balanced in a pyramid.
But if you start lying to your friend, or tell others their secrets, or criticise them behind their back, or if you don't keep your promises to them, then... (Slowly pull out 'trust' cup from the bottom) your friendship will 
That's because they found they couldn't trust you. (Squash the 'trust' paper cup down to half its height.) 

Is it easy or hard to build a relationship back up, after you have been dishonest with a friend? (Try to rebuild on the squashed cup.) Why?

So what must we remember if we want to have good friends? (Point to the lesson slogan and wait for the children answer...) Honesty Pays! (Ask again louder.)

Ref: http://apples4bookworms.blogspot.co.nz/2014/09/come-follow-me-september-why-is-it.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed:+ApplesForBookworms+(Apples+for+Bookworms)