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Puppet Play

Good Manners Puppet Play   © Jenny Jenkins 2016     https://sites.google.com/site/valueslessons 

Each puppet play on this website uses the same 3 puppets. 
Use 'Muppet'TM type puppets with mouths you can open from inside, 1 larger headed mother, and 2 boys, one good and one naughty. Rename them, perhaps for their colour. 
Or make Sock Puppets See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-mfUBQE3_s or Paper-bag Puppets -See: https://youtu.be/R-NmTMum-6I 
For a simple Puppet theatre drape a piece of fabric or a sheet over a tight piece of string between 2 chairs or in an open doorway, or duck down behind a long sofa or couch.

(Blue, Yellow and Mum pop up.)

Mum  Good morning boys.

Yellow  Good morning Mum.

Blue  Where's breakfast? 

Mum  I said, 'Good Morning', Blue.

Blue  I said, 'Where's breakfast.' I'm starving!

Yellow  Someone got out of bed on the wrong side this morning.

Blue  Shut up, fish face!

Mum  Blue! Mind your manners! Breakfast is ready as soon as your room is tidy. It's an awful mess!

Blue  What! Tidy my room before I eat? That's torture! I'll die of starvation!

Yellow  Not likely, with all the pizza crusts you've dropped on your floor.

Blue  What about him? How come he's allowed breakfast? It ain't fair.

Yellow  I've made my bed and tidied my room already.

Blue  (mocking) I've made my bed and tidied my room already. Loser!

Mum  Blue! You'll lose your breakfast if you don't mind your manners.

Blue  Lose my breakfast? What? Just going to tidy now!

(All disappear)

Narrator  Ten minutes later.

(All pop up)

Yellow  Thanks for breakfast Mum. It was delicious.

Mum  You're welcome, Yellow. Blue, your room's a lot tidier now. Well done. What did you do with all the pizza crusts?

Blue  Ummm...

Yellow  He ate them off the floor.

Mum  Surely not! You ate that pizza last week!

Blue  BURP!

Mum  Blue! What do you say?

Blue  BURP!

Mum  No. I mean, what should you say?

Blue  Gimme my breakfast! I'm starving!

Mum  I'm sorry, Blue. Your room looks nice but your manners are awful! I warned you. You've lost your breakfast!

Blue  What? No breakfast? I'll starve! I'll be a walking skeleton by lunchtime.

Mum  You'll survive. Have you learnt anything?

Blue  Sure have! I should have eaten that mouldy cheese sandwich I found under my bed, instead of feeding it to the dog!

Mum and Yellow  Oh boy!

Discussion Questions 

1. Who showed good manners? How?
2. What should Blue have said after he burped? (Pardon me.)
3. In what other ways did Blue show bad manners? (Calling names, ignoring his mother's greeting, mocking his brother, telling him to shut up, eating scraps off the floor, not saying please, demanding food.) 
4. What were the consequences? Did he deserve to lose his breakfast? Why?
5. Blue called Yellow a loser because his room was tidy. Why? Who was the loser? Why?