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Role Play

Good Manners Roleplay 1: Meeting People © Jenny Jenkins 2016      https://sites.google.com/site/valueslessons

Ask the class 
1. When you meet someone, how do you greet them? (Have students demonstrate appropriate ways) 

2. Do we greet everyone exactly the same way? Why?

3. Do we use different greeting words at different times of day? Make a list of words you can use to greet people. Separate into formal and informal.

4. What facial expressions, body language and gestures should we use when greeting someone? (eye contact, smile, arms not protecting body, not standing too close, holding out a hand.)

5. What is a polite way to introduce yourself to a stranger? ('Hi, I'm Joe,' or 'Hi, my name is Joe.') Teach the students how to shake hands. You may show them the example shown at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41BdlgNyKFI (2 minutes)

6. In pairs, have the students practise introducing themselves to a stranger. 

7. 'What is a correct way to introduce one friend to another?' Demonstrate using 2 students. You may use the example shown at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1QsgxaN7ic 

8. In threes, have the students practise taking turns introducing one friend to another.

Good Manners Roleplay 2: Greeting People 

Have the class walk around the room listening to peaceful music. They pretend they are moving around a large store.
Each time the music stops they practise meeting different people.
Each time you pause the music, call out a different person (see list below) for them to greet. They must greet the person standing next to them. Either student can be the greeter; the other responds politely. They can choose which time of day. For example, 'Good morning Alex.' 'Good morning ....'
Pick out pairs to demonstrate their greeting for the class to watch.

People they meet:

  1. Mr/Ms  ?, (the principal)Alex, a student in your class that you don't know very well.Two hands shaking, black and white on background. The Two hands ...

  2. Mr or Mrs Jones, your neighbour

  3. Your grandmother

  4. Sam, your sports coach

  5. A policeman or woman

  6. An adult you haven't met before

  7. The Queen (or President); (give a little bow or curtsey and say ‘Good morning your majesty’)

  8. Your best friend

  9. Your teacher

  10. A lady giving free chocolate samples

  11. Your brother or sister

  12. Mr. or Ms. Phillit, your dentist

  13. A checkout operator at the store

Image sources: http://dianegottsman.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/Handshake-Awareness-Frat-Houst1.jpg