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Perseverance Activity 1: Marshmallow Toss   https://sites.google.com/site/valueslessons

Equipment: marshmallows (one each pair),  a plastic or paper cup for every student.Image result for catch marshmallows in cup
Split the students into pairs. Give each pair 2 cups and a marshmallow. Line them up in two rows facing their partners. Spread them out.
Have the pairs start arms length apart, each holding a cup. They must toss a marshmallow from one cup to the other. Their hands are not to touch it.
If successfully caught, one team member takes a step back before they toss the marshmallow back again. 
Every time the marshmallow drops on the ground, they must begin at arms length apart again.
This continues until they are about ten steps apart. The first pair to throw and catch it at 10 steps wins. Have a chalk or rope line at 10 steps to mark the winning line.

Image result for drop marshmallows in mouth
Perseverance Activity 2: Marshmallow Drop

Equipment: marshmallows (one each)

Students form pairs. One from each pair lies on the floor with their mouth open. Their partner holds a marshmallow at arms length and attempts to drop it into the other's mouth. 
If the floor under their heads is covered the marshmallows falling onto it will stay cleaner. Change places when successful.

Perseverance Activity 3: Apple on a String
Equipment: apples, string.
Divide the class into pairs.
Prepare an apple per pair by tying the stalk onto a string about 50cm long.  
Alternatively, make some little slices into opposite sides of the apple, and sink a loop of twine into them.
Tie a loop at the end of the string to make them easier to hold. 
Each pair consists of an eater and a supporter.  
Suspend the apples or appoint a string holder, who must hold the end of the string high. 
The string holder must hold the string in one place, not moving it around to the advantage or disadvantage of the eater. 
The eater may not touch the apple with any part of their body except the mouth.
The supporter positions the back of their head so as to act as a brace for the apple to push against while the eater takes a bite. 
They may not touch the apple with any other part of the body, nor turn around so that they can see the apple.
Once you say, "Go!" the eater will try to finish their apple before the other teams. The first team that finishes wins.

Perseverance Activity 4: Domino Show

Set up a long line of dominoes as a group and topple the first to make a show. See:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domino_show

Perseverance Activity 5: Popsical Stick Catapults

Equipment: For each student, one piece of paper, one paper cup, one popsical stick.
Line up the students and have them face sideways and sit on the ground. Give each student a sheet of waste paper, a popsicle stick and a paper cup. They name their cups and place them in a line, a meter away from the contestants. 
Upon 'Go', they tear the paper into pieces to make pellets, wads or small balls, and use the popsical stick to flick them into a paper cup a meter away. The player with the most pellets in their cup after 5 minutes is the winner.