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Object Lesson

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Responsibility Object Lesson    https://sites.google.com/site/valueslessons

Materials: A sandwich with 2 slices of bread, cheese, meat, and lettuce or tomato.


Have you ever thought how many people helped to make your lunch? (Place the sandwich on a plate where the students can see it.)
Ask the students these 'What if...?' questions 

1. What if the farmer who raised the cattle (pigs/chicken) for the meat decided he was just too tired to take the animals to market? (Take the meat away and place it out of sight)

2. What if the dairy farmer decided he was too tired to go out and milk the cows in the morning? (Take away the cheese) Cartoon family watching tv Royalty Free Vector Image
Image result for cartoon of adults watching tv
3. What if the workers who harvest fruit and vegetables were too busy watching TV to work in the fields? (Take away the lettuce/tomato) 

4. What if the wheat farmer who grew the wheat to make the bread for this sandwich decided to play football instead of harvesting the wheat? (Explain that we wouldn't have any bread to eat, than take the bread off of the plate.)

 5. What if the store manager and employees at the supermarket didn't feel like working for a few weeks and played golf instead? (Explain that the store wouldn't be open and we couldn't get the food we need.) 

6. What would we have left to eat? (Nothing) 

See what could happen when people don't show responsibility? Every day we count on many other people to be responsible and do their job correctly and on time.

The jobs that you have are just as important. (Ask the students to give examples of their jobs (chores). 
When you do what is expected of you, to the best of your ability, then you are being responsible and others can count on you! And that's the best way to live.

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