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Truthfulness Activity: Trust Walk    https://sites.google.com/site/valueslessons  

Go on a trust walk. Students pair up, one wears a blindfold. The other leads them on a walk through an easy obstacle course, or around a course in the classroom avoiding desks and chairs. Each is fully dependent on his partner. The object is to build truth between them so don’t let them play tricks. Then switch roles.

Discussion Questions
1. Are trust and telling the truth linked together? Why?
2. Did anyone's partner allow you to bump into something? How did you feel? Did you lose trust in them leading you? Why?
3. Is it a similiar feeling when you find that someone that you trust has lied to you? How does that affect your trust for them?

Image source: http://www.dinf.ne.jp/doc/english/global/david/dwe002/dwe002g/dwe00249g68.gif