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Truthfulness Game: Truth or Lies          https://sites.google.com/site/valueslessons  

'Truth or Lies' is a simple game that helps younger students really understand the basics of honesty.
Traffic Sign Truth Lie Computer Icons - Truth And Lies Clipart ...
Draw a line down the middle of the room. Label one side 'Truth' and the other 'Lie'
Make a statement and then the children walk to the side of the line to represent if they think it’s the truth or the lie. 
Then say whether or not it was true.
Here are some examples:

1. My dog bit a policeman this morning.

2. My dog sits when I tell it to.

3. My dad owns a jet plane.

4. My dad takes a bus/car to work.

5. I had ice-cream for breakfast.

6. I brushed my teeth after breakfast.

7. My brother can drive a car.

8. My sister is the worlds fastest woman runner.

9. I won Lotto (national lottery) last week.

10. I own a pair of black shoes.

11. I have a pet python snake at home.

12. My mother buys me anything I want.

Have the children take a turn to say one of their own.

Ref: http://meaningfulmama.com/2012/06/day-157-honesty-in-truth-and-lie-game. Image source: html http://colleyvillechristianpreschool.com/img/kids.png