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Truthfulness Quiz: Spin the Bottle          https://sites.google.com/site/valueslessons  

Image result for spin the bottleThe children sit in a circle on the floor. Place a bottle in the centre. Spin the bottle. The child it points to has to answer a question about telling the truth. That child then spins the bottle to choose the next person. If it points to a child who has answered a question, they spin it again.

1. You are playing with a ball inside your home and you accidentally break a lamp. What should you do?

2. Your Mum asks you to look after your baby sister while she goes to the shop. While she's out, you play a game on your computer, even though you know you aren't allowed to. 
You don't notice that baby has gone. You run outside and see her by the side of the road. Just then your mum drives up. She asks, 'How did baby get out here?' What should you say?Image result for plate of cookies

3. You see a plate of chocolate biscuits (cookies) on the table. They look so good that you take one for yourself and give one to your little brother. Then your mother comes in, to take the biscuits to her friend’s house. She sees your brother eating one and starts to tell him off. What should you do?

4. You take a toy off your little sister and she starts to cry. When you hear your nana coming, you quickly give the toy back, but your little sister will not stop crying. Nana asks you why your sister is crying. What should you say?

5. You and your friends are playing ball in front of the neighbour’s house. You kick the ball, and it knocks over and breaks a flowerpot by your neighbour’s door. What should you do?

6. In class, you toss a piece of rubbish at the bin but it lands on the floor. You leave it there. The teacher asks the class who dropped it. What should you do?

7. You’re playing football and a boy tackles you around the neck. You get angry and punch his nose. It starts to bleed. Everyone gathers around. The ref runs up and asks, ‘Who hit him?’ What should you say?

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