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Thankfulness Experiment    https://sites.google.com/site/valueslessons

CoJMC students share what they are thankful for | CoJMC | Nebraska1. 'Happy Log' Challenge 

Every day for the next 21 days (starting today) write down these three things you are thankful for: 

Your first happy moment, 
Another happy moment 
A happy time you weren't expecting. 

By writing down three happy times you’re thankful for, every day for 21 days, you can literally re-wire your brain to start scanning the world, not for the negative, but for the positive. It's going to take commitment but it's a challenge well worth taking.    
Ref: http://www.movemequotes.com/top-50-be-thankful-quotes/ 

2. Turn the 'Happy Log' Challenge into a secret Class Science Experiment

At the beginning of the 21 day Happy Log Challenge, Ask for the students to write: 'I .................. enjoy life'  on an un-named piece of paper: 
Ask them to use one of the following words to complete the statement honestly:
never (1 point) sometimes (2 points) often (3 points) mostly (4 points) always (5 points.)

Don't tell the students the reason for this survey, or that it is scored and to be later repeated. 
Collect up the papers. Add the scores together and divide by the number of students for a baseline indication of pupil contentment. 
Repeat this after 11 days, 21 days and finally 31 days, which is 10 days after the Happy Log Challenge is finished. 
Make a graph to show the baseline, and the changes in class score after 11, 21 and 31 days. 
Share the results with the students after the 31st day. 
If the score rises from the baseline and stays higher until the 31st day, this probably indicates a permanent improvement in the students level of contentment with their lives as a result of the Happy Log Challenge and your other lessons on Thankfulness.