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Thankfulness Game 1: Fluffy Bunny                   https://sites.google.com/site/valueslessons

Count how many large marshmallows the students can fit into their mouths and still talk coherently. No chewing or swallowing is allowed. When they can no longer speak clearly, they stop and the number they have in their mouth is recorded. It pays to have a container or paper cup to spit marshmallows into once they are finished.Chubby Bunny Game (Rules, Variations)

Choose 2 volunteers to sit/stand up front. Each should have a partner with a supply of large marshmallows.

Teacher (Fluffy Bunny wearing rabbit ears): 'Would you like a marshmallow?'

*Students: 'Yes please, Fluffy Bunny.'

Teacher: 'Here you are.'

Their partner hands them one, and they place it into their mouth without chewing or swallowing.

Students, one after another: 'Thank you very much, Fluffy Bunny.'

Teacher: 'Would you like a second (third etc.) marshmallow?' (Continue as above from *)

The winner is the child with the highest score.

Image source:  https://icebreakerideas.com/chubby-bunny-challenge/

Thankfulness Game 2: Thankful for ThumbsImage result for thumb

Have the students sit or stand in a circle. Designate an area for them to sit and wait in once they are 'out' or eliminated from the game.

Begin by turning to face the (first) student next to you and saying, 'I'm thankful for thumbs.' 
They then turn to face the second student, repeat what you said and add another thing that they are thankful for, like this;  'I'm thankful for thumbs and ice-cream.' They have to say one quite different to the one before them. (e.g. no two items of food should follow each other)
The second student then turns to face the third student, repeats what was said and adds another thing that they are thankful for, like this;  'I'm thankful for thumbs, ice-cream and friends.' 
They continue on around the group, each adding a new item that they're grateful for until a student gets stuck or makes a mistake. Once they pause and look stuck, time them 10 seconds to remember or they are 'out'. That student goes to sit in the waiting area and the next student continues on. As the list gets longer and thus harder, fewer students will be left standing until there is only one left; the winner.
Variation: Each student makes up an action for their word, and the students have to remember the correct action as well as the word.