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Thankfulness Movie 1 'The Garden of Gratitude' (Ages: 10+yrs) 

This movie shows different people telling the thing that they are most grateful for, and planting a plant in a tub garden to celebrate this.

'What is the thing that you are most grateful for in life?' (Take about 6 answers without asking 'Why?') 
'That question was asked of a random group of people in this movie. Let's see what they said.'

Buy a pot with a beautiful flowering plant. Have the students write the name of the thing that they are most grateful for onto a cardboard shape, attach it to a popsicle stick and plant it into the pot after they share with the class why they are grateful. 

Thankfulness Movie 2 'The Science of Happiness'  (Ages: 10+yrs) 

Soulpancake host Julian asks participants to express their gratitude to someone they appreciate, and then measures the effect it has on their level of happiness.

'If you found a simple way to become a happier person, would you do it?' 

Have the students to close their eyes and think of someone who is really influential in their lives, someone who did something really amazing or important for them. 
Have them write down about why this person is so important to them. 
Then ask them to phone this person and read out to them what they have written.
Discussion Questions: 
1. How much difference did it make to people's level of happiness to write about someone they were grateful for?
2. How much difference did it make when they told that person how grateful they were?
3. How did you feel after you told your friend how grateful you are to them? 
4. How do you think it made them feel?
5. How can we make this a part of our everyday lives?

Thankfulness Movie 3  'Be Grateful'  (Ages: 7+yrs 1 minute) 

A very short series of simple cartoons to help students to realise that we all have something to be grateful for.

'What's something that you really want to own that would make you happy?"

Watch the movie: Bright Side - Be Grateful for What You Got. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQX3bmV6nKo
Discussion Question
1. What  did you learn from this cartoon?

Thankfulness Movie 4  'Struggle of this Iron Lady'   (Ages: 10+yrs 3 minutes)

How Muniba Mazari of Pakistan changed her life through gratitude

'How would you feel if you had to spend your whole life in a wheelchair?"

Watch the movie: 'Struggle of this Iron Lady' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OHnnE8dL64
Discussion Questions
1. What did you learn from this lady?
2. What changed her life for the worse?
3. What changed her life for the better?
4. How is she changing the lives of others?