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Object Lesson

Thankfulness Object Lesson     https://sites.google.com/site/valueslessons 

Materials: An old stainless serving spoon, a pretty serving dish and serving bowl, a pretty linen napkin or serviette, two other serving bowls

Teacher's Script

Meet Sophie Serving Spoon. If you’re a serving spoon, the Christmas Dinner Table is heaven! All the special dishes get filled up with delicious food. Dip Sophie in the bowls.
And the people at the table rave about how pretty and yummy everything is. Hold up the napkin.
And they put napkins up to their mouths and eat with nice manners. Sophie Serving Spoon is really excited. She’s been left in the back of an old drawer for years now. She's really thankful to be a part of this awesome Christmas table.
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Once the guests are seated, she notices how pretty all the dishes are. 'Look at Danny Dish!' she tells herself. 'Filled with a scrumptious salad. He looks amazing! And Tiffany Platter? Why, she’s all dressed in turkey! Everybody’s got on something except….' Shake Sophie a little this way and that.
'Except me! I’m just a dumb serving spoon. There’s no way to dress me up!' Sophie suddenly felt horrible, like the most frumpy old thing on the table. She became aware of her scratches, of the fact that she didn’t shine so brightly. Touch Danny Dish and Tiffany Platter and make mocking laughing noise.
Sophie just knew all the other dishes were laughing at her plainness and her scratches. She noticed that as people passed her around…they mentioned the beautiful dishes, the great smelling food…but they never mentioned her! They just passed her round and round… Dip Sophie Serving Spoon into Danny Dish and Tiffany Platter.
It’s a shame, but you see, it gets kind of worse for Sophie! The hostess has a problem. She’s got all this beautiful stuff. But she’s only got one serving spoon. Sophie has to do all the work! Is that fair? Sophie suddenly realises, 'I've got the worst deal! My owner was so busy preparing food that she forgot to polish the silver serving spoons. You can’t put tarnished and dull pieces on the table. That's why she'd had to find me in the back of the drawer.' 
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Now Sophie notices that the owner is trying to distract everyone from noticing Sophie by pointing out this dish and that. She starts to think. 'There’s got to be something good in this situation. Especially at Christmas!' So she just tastes a bit of this and a bit of that and helps out the dinner guests as best she can. And she begins to notice;
'Gee, these carrots taste really good! Mmmm! And these baked potatoes!' Start dipping Sophie in your other dishes.
'Yummy! I’ve never tasted such a fresh turkey. What awesome green beans! What delicious salad! (dipping into Danny Dish)
Hey! I'm having a good time!' And the more she thought of to be thankful for, the more things came to mind!
'I started out being a just little thankful, and suddenly I can think of lots of things! I’m glad I’m just a plain old stainless steel serving spoon! That’s because…I don’t tarnish. I might not be really pretty, like silver spoons…but I don’t get really ugly either! I shine just enough, all the time. Hey! I just thought of something else.' Have her jump up and down.
'Tiffany Platter and Danny Dish might be a lot prettier. But because I’m serving, I got to taste everything at the table! And Danny and Tiffany only got to taste one thing!'
Instead of trying to be the prettiest or the biggest or the best or the shiniest… Let’s take a lesson from Sophie Serving Spoon. Let’s try to be thankful for who we are. People may not notice us very often…but there'll be happiness ahead for you if, like Sophie, you always find a reason to be thankful.
Next time you use a serving spoon to dish some food, remember the lesson Sophie has taught us. Show the cook that you are... (point to slogan) Thoroughly Thankful.

Image source:  http://clipart-library.com/cartoon-turkey-dinner.html  https://www.colourbox.com/vector/happy-laughing-cartoon-cutlery-set-vector-9178610