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Puppet Play

Thankfulness Puppet Play      © Jenny Jenkins 2015 https://sites.google.com/site/valueslessons

Each puppet play on this website uses the same 3 puppets. 
Use 'Muppet' TM type puppets with mouths you can open from inside, 1 larger headed mother, and 2 boys, one good and one naughty. Rename them, perhaps for their colour. 
Or make Sock Puppets See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-mfUBQE3_s or Paper-bag Puppets -See: https://youtu.be/R-NmTMum-6I 
For a simple Puppet theatre drape a piece of fabric or a sheet over a tight piece of string between 2 chairs or in an open doorway, or duck down behind a long sofa or couch.

(Blue, Yellow and Mum pop up.)

Yellow  Dinner smells good Mum.

Blue  What’s for dinner?

Mum  Silverbeet, cabbage, broccoli, carrots…and

Blue  Yuk! Rabbit food

Yellow  Need a hand, Mum?

Mum Yes thanks, Yellow. You could help me dish up.

Yellow  Sure. (Both disappear)

Blue  I’m gonna play on my playstation. (Faces an imaginary screen in the corner)

Mum (from below)  Could you please set the table, Blue?

Blue  I’m busy

Mum  Are you doing your homework?

Blue  Mmmm.

Mum  Good boy.

Yellow  I’ll set the table Mum.

Mum  Thanks Yellow. I sure appreciate your help.

Blue (mimicking)  Thanks Yellow. I sure appreciate your help.

Mum (Pops up)  Playstation? Blue! You said you were doing your homework! It's dinner time!

Blue  Coming.

(Mum disappears. Blue stays in the corner. Pause.)

Narrator (Voice from below)  20 minutes later.

(Yellow and Mum pop up.)

Yellow  That was a delicious meal Mum. I really loved the sausages.

Mum  Thanks Yellow.

Blue  Sausages! I didn’t know we were having sausages! Where’s my dinner?

Mum  I didn’t think you wanted it so I just gave your sausages to the dog. You can go and eat your veggies though.

Blue  You did what? To the dog? Noooo!

Mum  And when you’ve finished eating all your veggies, you can do the dishes!

Blue  Uh oh!

Yellow  Thanks Blue. We sure appreciate your help.  (All disappear.)

Discussion Questions
1. What was Blue's attitude towards his veggies?
2. What was Yellow's attitude towards his meal?
3. Why do you think Blue mocked his Mum when she said she appreciated Yellow's help?