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Power of Words Drama: 'Food for Thought.'      (3 actors)            https://sites.google.com/site/valueslessons
'We use our tongues when we speak. Many butchers sell a type of cold meat called tongue. It is made from a large cow's tongue that has been pickled. In this play, Aesop's tongue almost loses him his head!' 
(Optional: have a pickled tongue to display at the banquet)

Narrator:  This story is about Aesop, who is famous for his Fables. Aesop was slave in Ancient Greece. He was a wise and clever man. One day his Queen called him.

Queen:  Come here, Aesop. I want you to prepare a grand meal of all the most beautiful things that you can imagine. You may use as many of my gold coins as you wish.

Aesop:  Very well my Queen. I shall visit the local market and view the food on display there. (Leaves the stage)

Narrator:  After a few hours the court servants have prepared the Queen’s banquet table. They hurried and scurried to ensure all was perfect. When the table was set the Queen sat at it. However!

Queen:  What is this Aesop? (Aesop enters and bows) Why on earth is my dining table only full of TONGUE and nothing else? You had better have a good explanation... or else!

Aesop:  I can explain, your majesty. I chose tongue because tongues are responsible for many beautiful, kind and pleasing words that make many people happy.

Queen:  I see, Aesop. How clever of you. And witty too. Now please clear my dining table. Next, prepare me a meal of all the bad things that you can imagine. Be off and let’s see what you can create this time. (Aesop leaves the stage)

Narrator:  Aesop followed his Queen's instruction. When the time came for the second meal and the Queen sat down at her table, her face went as red with anger.

Queen:  Come here 
Aesop! (Aesop enters and bows) Is this some kind of a silly joke? For if it is, you will pay dearly for it. My plate is full of TONGUE AGAIN!! You had better have a good explanation or I will have your tongue cut off! I am not amused at all!

Aesop:  My Queen, it is no joke! I did it because not only are tongues responsible for kind words and happiness, they can also utter harsh or angry words, unkindness and lies and so be a source of much sadness.

Queen:  How wise you are, Aesop. I apologise for using harsh words towards you. You have given me a lesson I will never forget.

http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140128185552/villains/images/8/8f/Queen_Victoria.png  http://www.propstore.com/product-images/2828/189870.jpg; http://www.dvdizzy.com/images/p/pirates-03.jpg; http://images.propstore.com/188240.jpg